7 Great Thanksgiving Getaways In Colorado

Thanksgiving is an exciting holiday known for visiting and spending with your family. Although most people think about spending Thanksgiving in the comfort of a loved one’s home, more and more people choose to spice up their holiday by changing their traditions. Tourist destinations and resorts are becoming a popular alternative where people, whether on a solo trip or with their families, can spend the holiday experiencing something completely different. Whether you’re a Colorado native or looking to enjoy a Thanksgiving vacation from another state, Colorado has many exciting destinations and breathtaking sceneries to enjoy during the Thanksgiving holidays. Create unforgettable Thanksgiving holiday memories with these seven incredible Thanksgiving getaways in Colorado.

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1. Enjoy Thanksgiving Weekend in Colorado Springs

Winter lights at Seven Falls Colorado during a thanksgiving getaway

Winter Lights at Seven Falls in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is one of the most exciting places with numerous area attractions and local Thanksgiving events. There are plenty of activities to keep you and your whole family occupied this Thanksgiving that will surely provide you with something extra to be thankful for.

  • Watch Spectacular Winter Lights at the Seven Falls: Seven Falls is lit up at night during this time of year, creating a spectacular scenic view. Over 100,000 lights illuminate the cascading waters, lining a path to the Falls. This creates a perfect photographer’s dream location for taking holiday portraits.
  • Join the Thanksgiving Howl at Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center Turkey Toss: Here, you’ll take part in feeding the fox, wolf, and coyote families at the Annual Turkey Toss. Watch the animals eat their food as you refresh yourselves with apple cider, cocoa, and other treats.
  • Enjoy a Great Thanksgiving Dinner at Front Range BBQ: After a busy day of entertaining activities, head to Front Range Barbeque for Thanksgiving Turkeys, creating delicious fun for the whole family.

2. Family Fun with Thanksgiving in Denver

Thanksgiving in Denver involves fun events and activities, from dazzling light displays and blockbuster museum exhibitions to many other family-friendly activities and events. You can even enjoy a brisk Thanksgiving jog with the four-mile Turkey Trot that takes you along the paved and tree-lined paths of Washington Park.

A person dressed as a turkey leads many race participants in the Thanksgiving getaway turkey trot.

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot in Denver

  • Explore The Polar Express Train Ride: Enjoy The Polar Express, a story that’s theatrically re-created at the Colorado Railroad Museum. Let the kids get an opportunity to meet Santa and experience all the sounds and sights of The Polar Express, a classic tale they’ll love. So, put on your most fashionable and creative mask and pajamas and bring your family along to enjoy as you share cookies and cocoa or chocolate.
  • Join the Camp Christmas Event: Immerse yourself in an immense Thanksgiving holiday experience with the Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA) at Heritage Lakewood Belmar Park. Join an outdoor/indoor extravaganza and journey through a fantastic wonderland of music, lights, dazzling decorations, and memorabilia as you explore the breathtaking scenes along the six-acre landscape. Camp Christmas will allow you and your family to rediscover your holiday spirit as well as connect with your loved ones.
  • Visit the Christkindl Market: Christkindl Market is an outdoor event that features the most beloved elements of an authentic holiday experience in the Lower Downtown. Take a stroll through a decorated European village as you shop for various unusual treats and finely crafted artisan gifts for your loved ones in the charming wooden huts. Spice up your shopping by adding authentic hot chocolates, fresh smoked salmon, pastries, and European chocolates. After that, consider tasting some traditional food at Christkindl Market as well.

3. Visit Estes Park for a Great Thanksgiving Getaway

Mountains overlooking Estes Park downtown during Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in Downtown Estes Park

Estes Park features more than just Black Friday shopping. There’s lots of music filling downtown, and the kids can interact with strolling animals. For a memorable Thanksgiving, check out how you can spend your Thanksgiving at Estes Park.

  • Have a Fun Holiday Shopping: Start your Thanksgiving holiday shopping with holiday treats and unbeatable deals at your favorite local shops along Estes Park. There’s something for everyone here, including sweet treats, local art galleries, specialty gifts, and handcrafted jewelry.
  • Check Out Estes Park Pie Shop: Visit the Estes Park Pie shop and explore their various baked goods, including their world-famous pie and freshly baked bread. Consider also trying out their old-fashioned favorites, including apple, pumpkin, cherry, and cherry rhubarb. Besides the bakery, the shop also serves a full menu that features scrambles, salads, sandwiches, and hot classics.
  • Thanksgiving Dinner at Cascades Restaurant: For a more exciting and memorable Thanksgiving holiday feast, consider visiting the Cascades Restaurant located at the Stanley Hotel and get yourself a traditional thanksgiving meal. The Stanley Hotel is also the inspiration for the classic horror film “The Shining.”

4. There’s Nothing Quite Like Thanksgiving in Breckenridge

A table setting for Thanksgiving

The tingling excitement of the start of ski, snowmobile, or snowboard season during the Thanksgiving period fills the air with a distinctive hum. Here, you’ll find all the things you expect in winter, from cozy sweaters, hot chocolate, snowball fights-you name it! Change into your hiking boots with your family and create your Thanksgiving holiday trot by going for a historical walking tour or going for snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and skiing. If you love shopping, consider strolling along the historic Main Street and exploring various stores. Lastly, try out Thanksgiving fare at Briar Rose for a budget-kid-friendly traditional meal.

5. Food, Fun, and Family With Thanksgiving in Aspen

Aspen is an excellent place to spend Thanksgiving with your family. You’ll take part in various activities such as skiing and snowboarding before settling down for a hearty table community meal at Jerome Hotel Ballroom. You can also opt for a traditional spread at Ajax Tavern.

The annual “Thanksgibbing” is another activity you should look forward to in Aspen. You’ll encounter various family activities here, including Turkey Bowling, which is great for kids, and leftover challenges meant to help keep the adults entertained.

6. Enjoy New Thanksgiving Traditions in Steamboat Springs

Besides skiing, there are various other activities you’ll be able to participate in, from the crooked key escape rooms to hot air balloon rides. The Crooked Key is ranked among the top 100 escape rooms worldwide, and it’s one of the best activities for you and your family, and you’ll get to bond with your family in the steamboat. You can also soar above the steamboat using a hot air balloon. This activity includes a 45-minute ride with breakfast, brag-worthy photos, and a champagne ceremony.

7. Celebrate Thanksgiving With the Best Slots, Games & Entertainment in Cripple Creek

Cripple Creek is another incredible Thanksgiving getaway destination in Colorado, with so many fun activities to do, from family history drives to having fun with the best casino games at the Triple Crown Casinos.

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