Midnight Rose Poker Room

Midnight Rose Poker Room


Our smoke-free poker room features 8 tables. We spread $1/$2-100 and $1/$2-$20 Texas Hold’em daily with $5/$10 7-Card Stud Hi-Lo every Thursday and $5/$10 Omaha Hi-Lo every Saturday. With high ceilings, casual decor, and meal service, the Midnight Rose poker room is the most comfortable place to mingle and share betting tips and tricks to play in Cripple Creek!

The Midnight Rose Poker Room features live Colorado gaming Tuesday through Sunday, and Colorado Poker Tournaments throughout the weekend! For more information, call 719.286.6060, or 800.635.5825, ext 6060.

Poker Nights and Tournaments

colorado poker tournaments Remember the good old days of card nights on Friday with the boys? You’d storm home at 3 am proud as a peacock, kiss your sleeping wife and show her the hard-won $1,000 prize you’d taken off Jimmy the Snake from a pair of aces that won you the game. Legendary nights spent around the poker table telling stories has etched itself deep into your heartfelt memories. What if you could triple your winnings and come home with a huge grin on your face and tell a story to your better half?

Enter the Hottest Tournaments

Colorado poker tournaments have some of the highest stakes in the country, and for the expert and beginner players, you have the chance to not only drive home as the champion of the night, but you also have the opportunity to compete in a popular game you love playing. What’s more fun than bluffing other players out of the huge pot with a two and seven and narrowly escaping a devastating loss? You can visit our smoke-free rooms in Colorado Springs where we host a variety of tournaments, including:

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Omaha Hi-Lo
  • Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo

Daily Poker Nights

Relive the nostalgia of the good old days of playing with your wild poker buddies. Playing not only hands you the chance to bring home thousands of dollars, but you can also meet friends of like minds who have a heart filled with passion for this casino game. Especially when you took home winnings on a regular basis, participating in an event lends you the chance to win on an even bigger scale. At Cripple Creek, we host championship poker throughout the weekend. Do you have the favor of Lady Luck? It’s a safe bet, every die-hard poker player waits eagerly for a kiss from her.

What are the Stakes?

We have eight different tables to choose from, and you can play $1/$2-100 or $1/$2-20 Texas Hold’em. You can also compete every Saturday night for $5/$10 Omaha Hi-Lo. Seven-card Stud Hi-Lo happens each Thursday, and the stakes sit at $5/$10.

Poker is certainly different than playing slots because it requires a well-thought-out strategy for playing each hand. While some sadly mistaken people believe that winning in poker only favors the lucky, it actually consists of hardcore mathematics and probabilities. What are the chances that your pair of kings will win the pot when you’re squaring off head-to-head against Dan the Chimney? You have a choice of whether to play each hand, whether good or bad.

Crown Yourself the Poker Champion

Competing in championship poker, you can test how your skills compare to some of the other experts of the night. Even if you don’t have the knowledge or skill to square off against some of your local legends,  watching games can hand you some pointers. Nevertheless, even beginners are welcome to compete, and there’s nothing to say you can’t take down Carlos the Bold in a lucky full house. While poker does have a level of skill to it, the accessibility of it means even a beginner has a chance of winning the pot. The worst mistake anyone can make in life is to not try.

Glory, Glitter and Gold!

If you think you have what it takes to become a real-life poker star, sitting at the table with a hand of cards will be the most telltale sign of whether or not you can win. No one plays a game to lose, but participating in these games can serve as a measure of skill. The best thing about playing poker is how it pits you against some of the best, which if nothing else, sharpens your skill in the sport.

Women and Men are Welcome to Compete

Whether you’re a man or a woman, both have equal chances of taking home the big prize and being crowned with the championship title. We welcome both men and women at our games, and we have seen some sharp players from both genders. We’re actually looking for more diversity in the poker scene, so we welcome anyone who has an interest in the sport to come and play. Some of the benefits of competing in championships include:

  • Test your mettle against some of the best
  • The chance to win huge prizes
  • Meet new friends who are like-minded
  • Learn a lot about the game

What if I Show up Late?

If you follow poker pros like Shaun Deeb or Daniel Negreanu, you may notice how they sometimes come late to the championship. For example, Phil Hellmuth does it again and again with the World Series of Poker, but does showing up late make for a valid strategy for you? In most cases, it’s a bad call. When these events first start, you have a low buy-in, which means you can get in more easily. As the buy-in goes up, however, getting into a championship later can be rough because you start with a set amount of chips no matter what. For that reason, starting late can actually put you in danger of losing because the antes and blinds climb to such heights that they can put you all in with your starting stack.

Whenever you sit at the table with a deck of cards, one of the most important rules to remember is to have fun and learn from your losses. Also, never risk anything you can’t afford to lose. Colorado poker tournaments offer you the unique chance to play and test your poker skills against others from around the state. Why not enter with a couple poker buddies and see who comes out the better player? You don’t necessarily have to play against the pros, and there are also tournaments for beginners to measure their skills.