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The Triple Crown Casinos are legendary for more than just their games; both The Midnight Rose and McGills feature beautiful, luxurious hotels to help you relax and recover after a day on the floor. Whether you just want somewhere to put your bags while you wander around our selection of games, or you plan to spend as much time in your room as you do out of it, the Triple Crown Casinos has the perfect room for you!

Looking for something a bit more fancy than our main selection? Consider booking one of our absolutely gorgeous suites instead, for a weekend getaway you will never forget!


Why Should You Choose the Triple Crown Casinos?

  • Some of the most comfortable rooms in Cripple Creek
  • Two conveniently-located hotels so you’re never far from the action
  • Each hotel/casino comes equipped with a fine-dining establishment for an all-in-one vacation experience you don’t need to even leave the hotel to get!
  • Each room comes equipped with an HDTV and free high-speed WiFi. Only the best for our guests!
  • Our suites all offer unique experiences, and are the perfect way to spice up your trip!
  • It’s so easy to book your vacation now — just click here to make your reservation now!

4 Steps to The Perfect Vacation


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Enjoy Your Weekend Away!

Why Should I Choose Cripple Creek For My Next Vacation?

Cripple Creek, CO is one of the hottest vacation spots in Colorado, and unlike the ski slopes, is bustling year-round! If you’re visiting Cripple Creek but don’t just want to gamble, the Midnight Rose and McGills Hotel & Casinos are nestled in the Colorado Rockies, so some of the best hiking trails and most beautiful views in the nation are mere minutes away!

Looking for something closer to town? Cripple Creek is known far and wide for its roots as a former gold mining camp, and a variety of history-filled attractions await those who want to want to learn more!

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Our Rooms

Roman Suite

The Roman Suite is luxurious and stately, featuring decadent and decorative architecture supplementing hand-painted murals that set the mood for a happy couple off to enjoy a fun-filled and fantastical weekend. It combines elegant tiling around the bathtub and on the floor of the restroom with beautiful pillars and swooping arches, and a fireplace that looks as though it is carved from pure marble. Combined with the furniture complementing this classy look, the Roman Suite has everything you need to impress the one you’re with.

The convenient location ensures ease of access to the full casino experience whenever you want, but our in-room amenities can help you enjoy your stay without ever leaving the comfort of the Roman Suite, which makes this modified “staycation” a viable option for those desiring a less action-packed getaway. The jetted tub, giant bed, fireplace, and wide-open setup make for the ultimate stress-relieving weekend away. Intrigued? Make your reservation now; The Roman Suite is one of our most popularly requested rooms for very good reason!

Royal Suite

The Royal Suite lives up to its name, bedecked in a royal purple and light gray color scheme that is as beautiful as it is comfortable. It comes with all of the typical amenities the Triple Crown Casino offers guests like HDTVs and complementary high-speed WiFi, but also special additions such as a king-size memory foam mattress, a fireplace, and a TV specially for the bedroom. The restroom features a beautiful, tiled tub with jets, so help you wind down after a long day on the go.

The Royal Suite is the perfect day to squeeze the most rest and relaxation out of your stay in your room so you can continue on with your casino fun fully recharged! Planning to host a few friends? You’re in the right place! The Royal Suite also comes with a bar area perfect for hosting, or a comfortable plush sofa in front of a giant TV, for those who would rather catch the weekend football game than wander the casino floor! However you want to spend your weekend, The Royal Suite is the most relaxing way to do it!

Western Suite

The rustic, country-themed Western Suite is the perfect way to live out your favorite Western fantasy. Seeing the Duke onscreen or watching Tombstone yet again never felt so right! The room’s exposed beams, stone fireplace, countryside mural, and tan-toned color palette put the “West” in “Western Suite”, while the widescreen television, high-speed WiFi, gigantic bed, and comfortable furniture make sure you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style!

The Western Suite is perfect for any fan of Westerns or anyone in love with the rustic aesthetic, but it's stylishness is only half the attraction. It is also the perfect place to host a movie night, small gathering, a meal, or even just to help wind down and spend a relaxing night in after a long day at the tables! Whatever you need from your room, the Western Suite can provide! If you’ve got your eye on this prize, make sure to book your stay today!

Full-Sized Suites

The Triple Crown Casino offers two full-sized suites for your convenience, the Aspen and Evergreen Suites! Each suite is absolutely massive and features various amenities such as giant beds, fireplaces, comfortable furniture, free high-speed WiFi, HDTV, and jetted tubs.

The Aspen Suite is approximately 700 sq. ft., which is perfect for anyone looking for room to spread out over the course of a longer stay!

If you’re looking for something even more spacious, however, the Evergreen Suite may be what you need. Measuring over 1,000 sq. ft., the Evergreen Suite is the perfect room for those traveling with family members who may want their room to double as a common area, or who are planning to host small functions. It’s as perfect for those who just want to stretch out as it is for small groups, however, and is the most spacious way to enjoy your stay at the Triple Crown Casinos if you aren’t the type to willingly sacrifice roominess when traveling!

Standard Room

Our standard rooms are no less suited to hosting guests for the duration of your stay than our suites are, and come equipped with all of the accommodations you have come to expect from your average hotel room: we provide guests with an HDTV in each room, complimentary high-speed WiFi, and 24/7 access to the casinos attached to our hotels!

If you’re on a budget or are just going to be too busy enjoying the casino life to be in your room for very long, our rooms are both affordable and conveniently located to make your trip as smooth as possible! With both the casinos and restaurants practically right outside your door, once you check in, there’s no need for you to even leave the building until you’re headed home after a stay filled with fun and adventure.

Make Your Reservation Today!

There’s no reason not to book your stay with us right now! Our rooms get booked quickly, especially the suites, so get yours while it’s still available! With comfortable accommodations, easy access to the casinos and restaurants, and convenient amenities like high-speed WiFi throughout our facilities, you can’t do any better than the Triple Crown Casinos for your next out-of-town trip. We can’t wait to see you sometime soon!


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