Cripple Creek Hotels and Casinos

There’s more than one reason to visit Cripple Creek, but the historic hotels and casinos are what make it a popular tourist destination.  Straight out of the Wild West, you can feel the old-style charm just by strolling down the historic Main Street.  But don’t be fooled by the classic-looking buildings. Inside, you’ll find a variety of modern Vegas-style casinos and luxury hotels — making it the perfect place for a fun weekend getaway.  So whether it’s with your partner, a group of friends, or going solo, you’re guaranteed to have an absolute blast inside the Cripple Creek hotels and casinos!

Night Photo of the Gambling Town of Cripple Creek, Colorado located next to a mountaintop Gold Mine

Triple Crown Casinos

The best casinos in Cripple Creek are Triple Crown Casinos, three different casinos, each with a unique theme.

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Slot machines

If you’re looking for the best “bang for your buck, ” the Triple Crown Casinos aren’t just where you gamble… they’re where you go to win.

Between these three Vegas-style casinos, you can access every kind of slot machine imaginable.

From adrenaline-inducing “Wild Play” machines (where you can double, triple, or even quintuple your earnings) to high-stakes “Progressive” machines (where the jackpot continues to skyrocket until a lucky winner strikes on the winning combination and takes home a fortune)…

There is no limit to the profit you can make and the fun you can have at the Triple Crown Casinos.

The historic streets of Cripple Creek and its casinos

McGills Casino

McGills is an Irish-themed hotel and casino, and it has two floors that are jam-packed with every different kind of game you could ask for. Enjoy the variety of video poker, slot, and progressive machines on the first floor, or visit the second floor to discover countless other games and a breathtaking scenic view.

When you’re ready to take a break from the games and need some refreshment, stroll over to the Pint and Platter — the only Irish pub in town. (It’s also the only place that serves real Guinness on tap, along with a large selection of premium craft beers.)

Surrounded by authentic Irish artifacts and wall-to-wall traditional Irish décor, the Pint and Platter pub gives you the impression that you’ve stepped out of Colorado and into Ireland.

The Brass Ass Casino

If an Irish or Victorian theme isn’t your cup of tea and you’d prefer a more traditional historical vibe, the Brass Ass Casino is your time machine straight back to the Wild West.

As the oldest casino in Cripple Creek, the Brass Ass is located in one of the most historic buildings in the city and will surround you with vintage décor. It also offers the largest selection of games in town.

The Miner’s Pick inside is the perfect place to fuel up when taking a quick break from the action. Open seven days a week, it specializes in quick service and an in-and-out setup, so you can grab a bite and get right back into the action.

the Midnight Rose Casino street sign

The Midnight Rose Hotel & Casino

For the ultimate experience in sophistication and luxury, treat yourself by visiting the Midnight Rose Hotel & Casino. With a charming Victorian atmosphere, the Midnight Rose is where our guests become royalty. Featuring two floors packed with over 300 new slot machines and a variety of modern and classic games, there’s endless fun.

When you’re feeling hungry, Dynamite Dick’s is just a few steps away from the games, and they serve delicious food around the clock — breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

McGills & Midnight Rose Hotel & Casino

After a day of fun and winning, treat yourself to a good night’s sleep in the McGills & Midnight Rose Hotel. In addition to our standard rooms, we offer a variety of special luxury rooms, each with a unique theme.

the Royal Suite purple room at the Midnight Rose Casino

Roman Suite

Have a breathtaking romantic getaway, the Roman Suite in the most charming room you’ve ever stayed in.

With a Roman-style bath, hand-painted murals, and a cozy fireplace in front of the large luxurious bed, you’ll be bragging about your unforgettable stay in the Roman Suite.

Royal Suite

Treat yourself like royalty with our Royal Suite. With a sophisticated purple and gray theme and a classy modern décor, the Royal Suite feels like a room fit for a king and queen.

Featuring a convenient home bar, a cozy fireplace, and a king-size memory foam mattress, the Royal Suite has everything you need for the ultimate luxury experience.


A king sized bed is neatly made in a beautifully decorated neutral hotel room with a brick fireplace.

Western Suite

For a more traditional experience, the Western Suite takes you on a luxurious retreat to the Old West. Featuring a rustic hardwood floor, carved wooden beams, and a stone fireplace, the Western Suite gives you the best of the west. After a long day of exploring the historical sights in Cripple Creek, take a relaxing hot bath while soothing your eyes on the breathtaking mural of the pristine Rockies on the wall.

Full-Sized Suite

You’ll love our full-sized Aspen and Evergreen suites that are modern, chic, and spacious. The 700 sq. ft. Aspen Suite provides room for several people. The larger 1,000 sq. ft. Evergreen Suite is spacious enough for a small group. Each suite contains a fireplace, a tub, and a large modern bathroom with a double sink and a spacious shower.

Standard Room

Comfortable and affordable, our standard rooms provide quality accommodations at an unbeatable price. Our standard rooms are a great choice if you spend most of your time exploring Cripple Creek and winning in the casino.

Shuttle Bus to Cripple Creek

If you want a convenient way to get to Cripple Creek, a sophisticated Ramblin Express shuttle bus with pickup locations in Colorado Springs, Woodland Park, and Pueblo will take you there.

Take a friend or two, hop abroad the Ramblin Express, and enjoy some good conversation and views on your bus ride to Cripple Creek. (Group rates and charters are also available.)

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You’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience when you gamble at the Triple Crown Casinos and stay in one of our luxury hotel rooms. Book online today or call us to make a reservation at 1-800-635-5825.

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