Winter Sports and Fun in Cripple Creek

With Colorado’s mild winters and unique landscapes, winter is still a perfect time to get outside and enjoy all the outdoors in and around Cripple Creek. Not just for Olympic medalists, there are many activities you can choose from, including skiing and snowboarding, ice skating, cross-country skiing, and winter hikes. Enjoy winter fun and nature while staying at Triple Crown’s Cripple Creek Hotels – a great location with access to these activities and local rental and equipment shops.

Ice Skating

Beautiful senior woman and man in sunny winter nature ice skating.Slow or fast-paced with minimal equipment and fun activity for all ages is ice skating. Whether on a date and looking for the perfect excuse to hang on to someone’s arm or an expert ice skater who is looking to cruise around, a great place to make fun winter memories is the ice rink. Ice skating is a great cardio workout!

What ice skating rinks are near me in Cripple Creek, CO?

Where can I purchase ice skates?

Where can I rent ice skates in Cripple Creek?

Skiing and Snowboarding

Older ski couple on a mountainCripple Creek is surrounded by some of the most outstanding Colorado slopes for skiing and snowboarding. You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to enjoy cruising down a snowy slope near Cripple Creek, but you should learn the basics before taking on your first slope. Downhill skiing can be super fun, but feeling out of control as you jet down the side of a mountain can be dangerous to you and others. That’s ok – it is easy to find beginner classes and ski rentals at many of the resorts close to Cripple Creek that will help you learn to safely cruise down your first bunny hill and build up confidence as you take on this classic sport. Whether you are an avid skier and ready to purchase or a beginner looking for the best rentals – you can find both in Cripple Creek. Some resources to help find equipment and your perfect skiing are below.

What ski & snowboard resorts are near me in Cripple Creek, CO?

What Colorado ski and snowboard shops are near me?

Where can I rent skis and snowboards in Cripple Creek, CO?

Cross-Country Skiing

Senior couple with nordic walking poles hiking in snow-covered winter nature, healthy lifestyle concept.Cross-country skiing is a fun way to get around in the winter and connect with nature while getting a rigorous workout. If you haven’t tried it before, opt for renting equipment and expect a full-body workout. You rely mostly on your legs to perform the slide and glide motion of skiing across the landscape while also balancing and propelling yourself forward using your back and shoulders. Unlike downhill skiing, where you can rely on gravity to help push you forward, movement is on your muscles and can take some time. The effort will pay off – not only will you be outside and enjoying nature in one of the prettiest seasons in Colorado, but you will also burn an average of 472 calories per hour, compared to 354 average calories per hour downhill skiing. There is no fear of commitment with local equipment rentals and nearby shops like downhill skiing and snowboarding.

What cross-country ski trails are near me in Cripple Creek, CO?

Where can I purchase cross-country skis?

Where can I rent cross-country skis in Cripple Creek, CO?

Winter Hikes

Smiling middle age couple outdoors in winter taking a selfieBut if you are looking for an activity with a slower pace that the whole family can join in, winter hikes let you set your own pace and require no special equipment. A winter hike can be beautiful in Colorado and is an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family, with a variety of terrains and trails to suit all fitness levels. Whether you plan on a long or short hike, it is essential to put safety first and be prepared before taking a winter walk by dressing in layers, heading out with a shorter day in mind, and yes – even in winter, wearing your sunscreen!

Where are hiking trails near Cripple Creek, CO?

Visit Triple Crown Casinos for Winter Fun

Elderly couple cheerfully feeding each other during a meal in a restaurant.

After a fun day of working up an appetite and enjoying all the majesty of Colorado’s vistas, you’ll be happy to return to a warm, comfortable fire in your deluxe room and a variety of restaurants to suit your tastes, all in one place!

McGill’s Pint & Platter: The only Irish pub in Cripple Creek, offering classic pub fare and Guinness on tap.

Dynamite Dick’s: A casual restaurant a few steps away from your favorite games, with great breakfast and desserts.

The Miner’s Pick: Open 7 days a week, offering everything from pizzas to snacks. It’s great when you don’t have time to sit down for a meal.

Triple Crown Casinos’ hotels are centrally located for winter fun regardless of your fitness level or the type of outdoor activity you are looking to do. Relax inside after a day of outdoor fun in our casinos after dinner, where the fun never stops. No matter your definition of a good time, Triple Crown hotels are the perfect place to stay!

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