4 friends having fun winning at a roulette table and enjoying roulette payouts

Roulette Payouts, Strategy & Odds: How to Play Roulette Like A Pro

By Triple Crown Casinos / July 19, 2021

Roulette is one of the most exciting games at Triple Crown Casinos. Although roulette is one of the oldest casino games, you can still use various tactics to increase your chances of winning. Whenever you are playing roulette, it’s important to understand roulette payouts, strategy & odds. Always aim at minimizing losses and maximizing profits.…

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Fresh lemonade sitting on a bench representing summertime in Cripple Creek, CO

Fun Things to Do in the Summer In Cripple Creek

By Triple Crown Casinos / July 5, 2021

Summer is here, and Cripple Creek is waiting to welcome you! This beautiful area of Colorado is worth visiting for so many reasons as the weather warms and the outdoors beckons. There are so many fun things to do in the Summer near Cripple Creek that you’ll want to extend your trip to take in everything…

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Luck of the Irish

Experience The Luck Of The Irish All Month Long!

By Triple Crown Casinos / March 12, 2021

Fun Things To Do In March – Day or Weekend Trips With the arrival of Spring, warmer weather, and St. Patrick’s Day, March brings plenty of opportunities to have lots of fun. So if you’re looking to have an unforgettable excursion in Colorado, this article will go over some of the most fun things to…

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The croupier holds a roulette ball in a casino in his hand. Gambling in a casino.

Casino Games With The Best Odds

By Triple Crown Casinos / February 26, 2021

While all casino games generally require a certain amount of luck, every game has different odds and chances of winning. Some games have fixed odds, so your chances of winning stay the same no matter what you do. Other games, however, allow you to increase your chance of winning (and maximize your profits) depending on…

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group of people winning at the casino

The Best Games to Play at a Casino

By Triple Crown Casinos / February 15, 2021

The best games to play at a casino can all be found at Triple Crown Casinos, each with its own unique rules, bets, and winning strategies. The big question is, “how do you know which games to play first?” In this article, we’ll go over casino table games, casino slot games, and casino card games…

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