10 Unforgettable Cripple Creek Date Ideas

Gamblers surrounding a craps table laughing and playingEach Triple Crown Casino guest experiences the thrill of the gold rush at the slots and tables, but Cripple Creek has a lot of other adventures to offer people during their romantic getaway. If you are looking for history, entertainment, or romance, check out these ten unique Cripple Creek Date ideas below.

#1 Laugh and Enjoy a Live Play at the Butte Theater

Couple In Cinema Watching Comedy FilmThe historic Butte Theater has survived the test of time and regularly shows onstage productions. The playhouse is over 70 years old and provides an entertainment option that isn’t available in most small towns. If you are looking for a night reminiscent of the yonder years, consider getting tickets to a show. Check out Thin Air Theatre Company for future show information.

# 2 Dive into History and Play at the Outlaws & Lawmen Jail Museum

Cowboy on horse at sunset in the American WestGet a taste of how wild it was in the west by visiting the Outlaws & Lawmen Jail Museum. No longer in use, the jail tells the story of thieves and criminal activity that accompanied gold miners to the Cripple Creek area. You may experience paranormal activity – some visitors claim to have heard the footsteps and seen the shadows of inmates or jailers from the past. This date experience is for the history lover, the ghost hunter, and the couple looking to have a little fun imagining life on the lam.

#3 Enjoy the Views on the Cripple Creek & Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad

Victor, Colorado - July 9, 2022: Visitor Center and relocated Alta Vista Rail Station originally built in 1893Grab your coat and cozy up to your partner for this open-air rail tour of the Cripple Creek countryside. The 45-minute excursion features a history of the region and plenty of photo opportunities. Experience the Rockies from the perspective of the railways on this family-friendly tourist adventure. You can even bring your pet on this trip!

#4 Take a Private Tour of the Mountains on Shelf Road

Narrow winding mountain road in snow, daytime winter landscape wWhether you brought your minivan or pickup, Shelf Road will take you off the beaten path for an authentic Rocky Mountain experience. The dirt road is well-groomed throughout most of the season and extends to Cañon City. The “shelf” is a stretch of road against the canyon wall along Fourmile Creek. While this scenic drive might not be for those afraid of heights, the endless views of mountaintops and regional flora make it a must-see for those looking to get out of town for a bit.

#5 Have Your Breath Taken Away on the Royal Gorge Bridge

Royal gorge suspension bridge in sunny dayThe highest suspension bridge in America lies 45 miles south of Cripple Creek and stretches over 1,000 feet above the Arkansas River in places. The view is breathtaking. If you want to up the excitement, ziplines, gondolas, and sky coasters are available. Many visitors are content to walk or drive across the bridge and take photos. Call ahead or check their website for ticket rates.

#6 Dig Deep into History in the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine

Gold mine underground ore tunnel with railsThe vertical shaft of the Mollie Kathleen gold mine is impressive at 1,000 feet underground. The elevator trip down is remarkable, like the mine’s history, which was the first mine struck by a woman. Trips into the mine feel adventurous and informative, and it is a time-traveling trip back in time that allows you to experience the mining life up close and personal.

#7 Stretch Your Legs on the Vindicator Valley Trail

Happy senior couple hiking with trekking sticks and backpacks at the young pine forest. Enjoying nature, having a good time on their retirementIf gold mining sparks your interest, the two-mile crushed gravel Vindicator Valley Trail will quench your need to see the mines of Victor, CO. Storyboards near key sites make this trail one you can take at your own pace. It gives you time to imagine life during the time and the efforts it took to get the precious gold from the mountains.

#8 Learn About the Infamous at the Old Homestead House Museum

Portrait of three old west citizensGold rush towns had many things in common, and one of them was an abundance of brothels. Cripple Creek was no exception, and the Old Homestead House Museum preserves the history of one of the multiple brothels in the region. Experience the infamous life of Pearl DeVere and her life as a madam in Cripple Creek. Paranormal activity seekers may also find some activity here. All-in-all, visiting old-time brothels typically brings quite a few laughs and admiration for women’s craftiness and business sense in this business.

#9 Travel Through Time at the Cripple Creek Heritage Center

The Heritage Center in Cripple Creek Colorado is a mass of local rocks in an amorphous shape nestled in between two historic buildings

Source: visitcos.com

How gold got to the region is no mystery, and Cripple Creek Heritage Center sheds light on historic mining practices along with today’s current mining actions. Yes, there’s still mining going on in Cripple Creek, and this facility explains how gold mining has transformed over time and how modern mining practices work to protect the environment. The heritage center offers some good views of the area, and it is worth venturing on some walks around the building. The modern building was made to look like it existed during the days of the gold rush.

#10 Have Some Play Time at the Mountain View Adventure Park

MountainView Adventure Park Map

Source: ccparksandrecreation.com

The Mountain View Adventure Park features many activities for all ages. There’s a dog park, disc golf course, and a hiking trail that appeals to the relaxation needs of visitors and residents. Your date can be a step out of tourism by taking a relaxing hike around the park, allowing you to stretch your legs and exercise with your companion without straying out of town.

Include Dinner in your Cripple Creek Date

McGills RestaurantOnce you’ve accomplished your Cripple Creek date activity, you can return to your hotel and experience several different dining experiences. Each Triple Crown Casino has a restaurant.

  • McGill’s Pint & Platter: This is the only Irish pub in town with excellent beers on tap, pub food, and Irish decor.
  • Midnight Rose’s Dynamite Dick’s: A casual restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner near the casino floor.
  • The Miner’s Pick at The Brass Ass: On-the-go food such as calzones and pizza. Perfect for returning to your activities.

There is room for different dating experiences in the Cripple Creek region, and knowing about the regional activities ensures that your stay is complete. If you want to kindle some romance during your stay, there are plenty of places to do it!

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