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If you’re looking for a place to do some gambling in Colorado and have a fun weekend getaway, you won’t find a better place than the Triple Crown Casinos in Cripple Creek.

The Cripple Creek motto is “Real Fun Real Colorado,” and it’s no wonder why…

The Denver Post called it “Vegas in the Rockies,” and if there’s one thing Cripple Creek is known for, it’s gambling.

The Best Cripple Creek Casinos

Originally a mining town during the gold rush, this scenic mountain town takes you through a journey back in time.

From the outside, the historic buildings look like something straight out of the Wild West.

But inside are a variety of luxurious Vegas-style casinos, where a whole new world of fun awaits you.

The most popular and esteemed of these are the Triple Crown Casinos, three unique casinos unlike anything else you’ve seen before.

McGills Casino

The Irish-themed McGills Hotel and Casino has everything you could ask for under one roof while allowing you to enjoy a beautiful scenic view of Cripple Creek from right inside the casino.

With two entire floors filled with an enormous variety of games to choose from, there’s no limit to the fun you can have here.

You’ll have a blast playing with the different video poker, slot, and progressive machines on the first floor. Or go to the second floor to enjoy a nice view and a large selection of other games.

Pint & Platter Irish Pub - Triple Crown Casinos

The Pint and Platter Pub

Inside McGills Casino

If you’re feeling thirsty and want to relax, chat, and laugh with friends over a couple of rounds of cold beer, the Pint and Platter Pub is your refuge.

With a large selection of savory dishes and a wide variety of beers and other drinks, you’ll feel like you’re right in Ireland when you visit the Pint and Platter Pub.

Finally, late at night, after a day of fun and play, retire to one of our luxurious hotel rooms where you can rest and recharge.

If you’re looking for the perfect all-in-one place for a fun and relaxing weekend retreat in Cripple Creek, look no further than the McGills Hotel and Casino.

Brass Ass Casino

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more historic and vintage feel, the Brass Ass Casino is your time machine back to the days when gunslingers gathered around the poker table in a Wild West saloon.

The Brass Ass Casino is the oldest casino in Cripple Creek, with a rich history and the largest selection of games and machines in town.

It’s open 24/7, so the fun never ends. Come anytime you like, stay as long as you want, and enjoy an authentic historical experience in the Brass Ass Casino.

The Miner’s Pick

Inside The Brass Ass

Tucked away in the lower level of the Brass Ass, you’ll find a cozy restaurant called The Miner’s Pick that offers a large variety of snacks, drinks, and meals to choose from. So, when you’re feeling hungry and looking for a bite to eat, The Miner’s Pick is your go-to place to recharge and fuel up before getting back to the action.

exterior view of the midnight rose casino

The Midnight Rose Casino

If you’re looking for a true luxury experience, treat yourself to the Midnight Rose Hotel & Casino.

With a regal Victorian theme and located in the very heart of Cripple Creek, the atmosphere in this casino is unparalleled.

This sophisticated castle-like casino has two floors with over 300 new, cutting-edge slot machines and a variety of modern as well as classic games.

The Midnight Rose is the place you go if you want luxury, a great atmosphere, and an endless variety of fun games to choose from.

Dynamite Dick’s

Inside The Midnight Rose Casino

Dynamite Dick’s is the place to go when you need a hearty meal, quick snack, or bite to eat when you’re taking a break from the games.

Here, you will find a variety of sandwiches, soups, salads, fountain drinks, alcoholic beverages, and desserts… so you can quickly fuel up on some delicious food and get back to the fun.

Triple Crown Casinos Slot MachinesThe slot machines at Triple Crown Casinos

Between the three Triple Crown Casinos, there is every kind of slot machine you could ask for or want. Get your adrenaline pumping with the “Wild Play” machines, which give you the chance to double, triple, or even quintuple your earnings.

Or if you’re feeling lucky and thinking big, go for gold by trying the “Progressive” machines — where the jackpot continues to climb higher and higher for every person that plays it… until a lucky player hits upon the winning combination and cashes out a fortune.

There are plenty of other types of slot machines, too, but regardless of which ones you use, you’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun on the large variety of slot machines at the Triple Crown Casinos.

Lodging At McGill’s & Midnight Rose Hotel & Casino

When you’re finally ready to retire after a fun and action-packed day in the casino, enjoy a comfortable and luxurious stay in one of our hotel rooms at the McGill & Midnight Rose Hotel.

Ph. (719) 689-0303 or  (800) 635-5825, or by email [email protected]

All guests must be 21+ years of age to stay in the hotel. Location: 256 E Bennett Ave Cripple Creek, CO 80813.

hand full of money won at Triple Crown Casinos

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Shuttle Bus to Cripple Creek

Don’t want to drive here? You don’t have to. The Ramblin Express is a sophisticated shuttle bus that will personally escort you here from Colorado Springs, Woodland Park, or Pueblo. Relax and enjoy a nice glass of wine along with your destination in the Ramblin Express. (Group rates and charters also available.)

Visit Us or Give Us A Call

If you want the best gambling experience of your life, the Triple Crown Casinos are the place to play, win, and have an absolute blast. Please give us a visit the next time you’re looking for a fun and exciting getaway! And if you want to learn more about any of the Triple Crown Casinos, give us a call at the casino of your choice, and we’ll gladly answer any additional questions you might have.

McGills Hotel and Casino
232 Bennett Ave,
Cripple Creek, CO 80813
Phone Number: (719) 689-2446
Midnight Rose Hotel & Casino
256 Bennett Ave,
Cripple Creek, CO 80813
Phone Number: (719) 689-0303
The Brass Ass Casino
264 Bennett Ave
Cripple Creek, CO 80813
Phone Number: (719) 689-2104

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