The Ghosts of Cripple Creek: Exploring the Most Haunted Spots in Town

Looking for a chance to experience an encounter with the paranormal? Explore Cripple Creek’s most famous haunted locations with Triple Crown Casinos. Cripple Creek boasts a rich history filled with gold rushes, mines, and wild west legends. However, beyond its picturesque landscapes and quaint streets lies a realm of the paranormal. Join us as we delve into the spine-tingling tales of Cripple Creek’s most haunted locations.

Phantom Canyon Road:

Phantom Canyon Road, a winding dirt road through green-spotted canyon walls, was once a bustling railroad connecting the thriving mining districts of Cripple Creek and Canon City during the 1800s. Today, it’s not just a scenic dirt road but a portal to the past, where the spirits of former railroad and mine workers are said to roam. Among them, the most famous is a uniformed 1890s prison inmate who, despite his execution, continues to stroll along the canyon road, forever haunting its twists and turns.

A red bridge found in Phantom Canyon outside of Cripple Creek.

Outlaws & Lawmen Jail Museum:

Once known as the Teller County Jail, the Outlaws and Lawmen Jail Museum stands as a testament to Cripple Creek’s Wild West history. In the late 1800s, the discovery of gold sparked a frenzied rush to the area, attracting miners, investors, and a fair share of outlaws. The Teller County Jail, constructed in 1901, became the hub of justice in this unruly community. Today, visitors can hear the phantom footsteps of a former guard echoing on the staircase and glimpse the apparition of Rosie, a former jailer, in her sleeping quarters. The museum is a hotbed of eerie occurrences and is renowned as one of Cripple Creek’s most haunted sites.

The Victor Hotel:

The famous Victor Hotel is located a few miles from Cripple Creek in the mining town of Victor. Built in 1899 as a bank and later used to store bodies during harsh winters when the ground was frozen, the Victor Hotel is steeped in history and ghostly legends. Among its spectral inhabitants, Eddie, a former miner who met a tragic end in the hotel’s birdcage elevator, is a prominent presence. He was said to have opened the elevator in the night, and when he stepped forward, there was no elevator. He fell down the shaft to his death and is said to haunt the elevator to this day. Other apparitions, believed to be those who languished in the hotel’s makeshift morgue, visit different rooms, making the Victor Hotel a hotbed of paranormal activity.

Cripple Creek Fire Department and Butte Theater:

Established in 1893 to protect the mining town from fiery disasters, the Cripple Creek Fire Department has its own resident ghost, known as Jack. On his bad days, he mischievously opens drawers and moves items around the building, while on good days, he tidies up office spaces. Jack also occasionally makes his way to the Butte Theater, where the piano mysteriously plays, and he himself has been seen as a full-bodied apparition, enjoying his time with the living.

An overlook of Cripple Creek.

Gold Camp Road’s Haunted Tunnels:

Gold Camp Road, once a railway connecting Cripple Creek and Colorado Springs, is now known for its haunted tunnels. The collapse of tunnel #3 in 1988 led to its closure, but the remaining open tunnels are believed to be a hotspot for supernatural activity. Visitors report hearing children’s laughter, play, and even screams within the tunnels, creating an eerie atmosphere. Accessing these tunnels can be challenging, and it’s recommended to use high-clearance vehicles due to the road conditions. The closest access from Cripple Creek is found where Gold Camp Road meets Old Stage Road (Forest Service Rd 368).

Vindicator Valley Trail:

While not directly haunted, the Vindicator Valley Trail offers an eerie experience with over 500 abandoned mining features in just over 2 miles. This interpretive trail provides insight into the mines and the people who once lived around them. Beginning at the remnants of the Theresa Gold mine, the trail winds through Colorado hills, passing the decaying remains of the Anna J. Mine and other landmarks, leaving visitors with a sense of the region’s rich mining history.

An abandoned mine found on the Vindicator Valley trail outside of Cripple Creek.

Mt. Pisgah Cemetery:

Located just outside Cripple Creek’s city limits, Mt. Pisgah Cemetery is the final resting place of many of the town’s prominent figures. This 40-acre public cemetery, donated in 1895, offers an educational yet slightly eerie tour of the area’s history. Visitors are urged to be respectful and tread quietly, honoring the lost loved ones resting there.

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In Cripple Creek, history and the supernatural intertwine, inviting the curious to explore its haunted past. Whether you’re a believer in the paranormal or simply intrigued by the town’s rich history, these haunted locations promise an unforgettable journey into the unknown.

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