The Butte Theatre

If you’re searching for an exciting show to attend while staying at Triple Crown Casinos in Cripple Creek, look no further than the Butte Theater. Nestled within the heart of historic Cripple Creek, the Butte Theater is home to the Thin Air Theatre Company, where top-notch entertainment awaits. Their spectacular performances are a highlight of every week. You can find their current show schedule on their website here. Drawing audiences from both near and far, these shows are the ideal activity to enhance your weekend getaway at Triple Crown Casinos.

The Entrance to the Historic Butte Theater in Cripple Creek Colorado

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The Butte Theater

The history of theater in Teller County runs deep, tracing its roots back to the gold rush era. In an age before radio and television, theaters offered a fantastic way to unwind and enjoy entertaining stories after a hard day’s work. During the 1890s, Cripple Creek and Victor each boasted grand opera houses, but only one venue has endured the test of time – the Butte Theater. Originally known as the “Butte Concert and Beer Hall,” it opened in 1896 and soon transformed into an opera house.

Throughout its storied past, the Butte Theater has been repurposed as a dance academy, a furniture store, a theater again, a skating rink, a secondhand store, a weapons cache, a garage, and even used as storage for the fire department. In 1999, the City of Cripple Creek realized the missing potential of this space and set out on a mission to refurbish and bring the Butte back to its glory as a theater once again.

Following a thorough refurbishment with fresh paint, Victorian-era wallpaper, and period chandeliers, the Butte Theater once again opened its doors to eager audiences, accommodating up to 184 guests per show. Since its grand reopening, the historic stage of the Butte Theater has graced thousands of guests with world-class shows. View their upcoming shows here and visit Cripple Creek to explore this historic theater.

Audience watching a play at a theater.

Visit The Butte Theater and Stay with Triple Crown Casinos

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Whether you’re seeking a weekend escape or planning an exciting road trip, Cripple Creek is your ultimate destination for fun. Each of our casinos boasts a unique theme, a plethora of dining options, gaming opportunities, and cozy resting places. Enjoy your stay with Triple Crown Casinos, and book your stay today!

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McGills is a modern Irish-themed casino with lots of space and a wide variety of exciting machines. Its second level boasts the latest slot machines, video poker, and more, all with a captivating view overlooking the main gaming floor.

The Brass Ass Casino: A Touch of the Wild West

For those craving a more traditional Western atmosphere, The Brass Ass Casino is the place to be. From its vintage Western facade to the charming street lamps, this casino transports you back in time. It earned its unique name from a painted donkey located in the table games room.

Midnight Rose Hotel & Casino: Victorian Elegance

If you’re enchanted by the Victorian era, the Midnight Rose casino is for you. The casino has two floors of the hottest slot machines, and the casino also features one of the most decorated gaming rooms in Cripple Creek.  While you are here, check out the only Poker Room in Cripple Creek.

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