Top Cripple Creek Summer Events and Places You Cannot Miss During Vacation


Summer is around the corner, and you’re already contemplating how you’ll make the most out of the sunny period. It’s not only the best time to rewind from the busy and cold winter but also the appropriate period to reward yourself with a vacation.

If you’ve already decided to enjoy the sunny days in Cripple Creek, Colorado, you probably wonder what else you’ll enjoy other than the picturesque sunsets. Here are some of the main events and top places in Cripple Creek you shouldn’t miss.

1.    Historical Trolley Tours

A red trolley sits parked with its nose facing the viewer on a beautiful sunny day.


Partaking in one of the historical events in Cripple Creek is probably something you should not miss. The Gold Camp Victorian Society has always organized the Historical Gold Camp Trolley Tours and will be doing it again this summer.

Trolley Tours will begin on the Memorial Day weekend and continue every summer Saturday through Labor Day weekend. Tours start early in the morning at District Museum in Cripple Creek and will only take 90 minutes, so you’ve much of the day to attend other events or relax in your hotel.

2.    Pioneers Mining Races (5K and 10K)

Marathon running race in the light of evening,running on city road detail on legs

Participating in a 5k family race or a 10K mini-pro race is probably not one of your plans this summer. However, you cannot pass on a chance to challenge your endurance and will at a 10,000 feet elevation. These races are not only fun but competitive, and they help you build your fitness and competitive mindset while still on holiday.

The 5K and 10K races will start from Victor, and the finish line is close to the high school in Cripple Creek. The primary purpose of the annual races is to celebrate the history of the two towns, so you’ll have a chance to mingle with locals and learn more about the region.

1.    Top of the World Rodeo

Cowgirl is riding a horse in rodeo arena in Utah, USA.

If you’ve never been to a rodeo before this is one of your best chances to enjoy a breathtaking spectacle in Cripple Creek. Top of the World Rodeo presents one of the most beautiful views in Colorado and is an excellent venue for visitors.

This elite competition is sanctioned by Colorado Pro Rodeo Association (CPRA), so you can expect great organization and extreme rodeo competition. The eye-catching events to expect in this rodeo include barrel racing, breakaway roping, bareback riding, steer wrestling, team roping, and tie-down roping.

Even if you don’t participate in any rodeo events, you can’t allow your kids to miss out on the crowd’s favorite mutton busting. Other additional activities that will keep you busy in this event include a beer garden, street dance, and hundreds of food vendors where you can try local cuisine.

5. 4th of July Fireworks

Fireworks cluster.

You’ve probably experienced spectacular fireworks in other cities around the country. However, you should try the 4th of July fireworks in the City of Cripple Creek. If you don’t have any party plans for the evening, you can join one of the largest fireworks shows in Colorado and help celebrate the birth of our country.

6. Music at the Depot


After enjoying your day in the sun, you’ll not want to miss one of the music scenes in the city of Cripple Creek. It’s one of the innovative ways to pass your night while sharing some notes with friends and strengthening family bonds.

Cripple Creek Museum has already announced it will be hosting the Black Rose Band, so this is an opportunity to enjoy the band’s music. There will be plenty of food and beverage vendors as well.

7. Corvair Car Show

Hilden, Nova Scotia, Canada - September 21, 2019 : A pair of classic General Motors cars, 1969 Pontiac GTO & 1966 Chevrolet Corvair at Scotia Pine Show & Shine at Scotia Pine Campground. A man stands near the rear of the Corvair with hand on rear fender.

Being a car enthusiast has its weaknesses: You cannot turn away from the new custom rides in town. As a car lover, you must visit the Cripple Creek District Museum on July 3rd, where Pikes and Peak Corvair Club will be hosting Cripple Creek Corvair Car Show. You might not be planning to buy or lease a car this summer but gazing on these rides are a fun way to spend your Saturday.

8. National Night Out

Abstract blurred background of people shopping at night market

National Night Out is an annual event organized by Cripple Creek Police Department as a community-building campaign that promotes the relationship between the department and the community. This partnership has been very effective in building neighborhood camaraderie and making the community safe. This event has other additional activities such as games, music, and plenty of food and beverages.

9. Enjoy Triple Crown Casinos

Senior men using slot machine to gamble in night club, having a good luck

Enjoying all the annual and organized events discussed above is breathtaking, but you cannot leave the city without experiencing Triple Crown Casinos. The three casinos: Midnight Rose Hotel & Casino, McGills Hotel & Casino, and The Brass Ass Casino, offer everything you would want to get in a high-end city casino.

Besides being one of the most spacious casinos in Cripple Creek, McGills Casino is the only Irish-themed casino in the city. Here, you will access a variety of slots, video poker, and progressive machines to choose from.

The Brass Ass features vintage street scene décor and western buildings facades that you can’t find anywhere in the city. On the other hand, the Midnight Rose Casino presents a memorable casino experience on Cripple Creek’s Main Street. All three Triple Crown Casinos are worthy of your time, and they offer the best places for nightlife in Cripple Creek this summer.

It’s only a matter of weeks before the summer sun starts to shine high in the sky. Your Cripple Creek vacation is ready and rolling, and you can’t wait to have your vacation in one of the historical cities in Colorado. The events discussed above will make your vacation entertaining, while Triple Crown Casinos will take your nightlife to a whole new level!


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