The History of Donkeys in Cripple Creek

Have you ever seen the famous herd of donkeys that roam Cripple Creek? On your next trip to Triple Crown Casinos, make sure to keep an eye out for this historic group of friendly donkeys that have roamed Cripple Creek since 1931. Many of these donkeys are descendants of the Donkeys that were utilized in the Gold Rush, and their legacy has been preserved in Cripple Creek today.

Cripple Creeks Famous Donkeys

If you’re planning a trip to Cripple Creek, Colorado, be sure to visit the town’s resident donkey herd. These lovable and free-roaming donkeys are a beloved symbol of Cripple Creek’s rich mining history and are sure to capture your heart with their gentle nature and playful antics. Descendants of the sturdy burros that once hauled ore from the mines, these donkeys now enjoy a life of leisure, wandering the streets and interacting with curious visitors. You’ll often find them grazing on grassy patches, posing for photos with tourists, or simply basking in the sunshine. This herd is gentle and approachable, and you can even feed the donkeys with approved donkey biscuits.

Watching these gentle creatures meander through the town’s historic district is a truly unique experience, and it is one that you won’t soon forget. So, don’t miss the chance to meet these charming donkeys and learn about their important role in Cripple Creek’s past.Herd of wild donkeys graze on meadow

History Of Donkeys In Cripple Creek

The Cripple Creek donkeys are descendants of the hard-working burros that played a vital role in the town’s mining heyday. These sturdy animals were used to haul ore from the mines and transport supplies through the rugged terrain. When the gold rush dwindled, and technology advanced, the donkeys were no longer needed for labor. Many were simply turned loose, and over time, they formed a feral herd that roamed the hills around Cripple Creek. In 1931, a group of local business owners established the Two Mile High Club, a non-profit organization dedicated to caring for the donkeys and preserving their legacy in the town. Today, the donkeys are a cherished symbol of Cripple Creek’s past and are a popular attraction for visitors.

The Two Mile High Club, founded in 1931, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of the Cripple Creek donkeys. They are responsible for the year-round care of these beloved animals, providing food, water, shelter, veterinary care, and farrier services. The club operates entirely on donations and relies on the support of volunteers to carry out its mission. During the warmer months, the donkeys roam freely through town, while in the winter, they are moved to a pasture where they are sheltered from the harsh elements. The Two Mile High Club ensures that the donkeys remain a healthy and cherished part of Cripple Creek’s community.

A herd of donkeys standing together in a field.

Donkey Derby Days

A highlight on Cripple Creek’s social calendar is the annual Donkey Derby Days festival, a vibrant three-day celebration typically held in June. The festival pays homage to the town’s rich mining heritage and the indispensable role that donkeys played in it. As the Two Mile High Club’s primary fundraising event, it ensures the continued care and well-being of these iconic animals.

Visitors come to Cripple Creek to partake in the festivities, which include exhilarating donkey races, a charming parade, live performances by local bands, festive food vendors, and more. This event truly showcases the town’s unique character and community spirit. Whether you’re cheering on your favorite donkey racer, indulging in delicious food, or simply soaking up the festive atmosphere, Donkey Derby Days is an unforgettable experience that captures the heart and soul of Cripple Creek.

A scruffy donkey looking directly at a camera.

Visit the Brass Ass and Triple Crown Casinos

As you explore Cripple Creek, be sure to visit the historic Brass Ass Casino. A tribute to the town’s four-legged heroes, this casino is the only one in town with a donkey theme, proudly displaying a brass donkey at its entrance. This brass donkey even has a history of its own and was on display at the 1893 World Exposition held in Chicago. Inside the casino floor, you can find a lively atmosphere where patrons are enjoying their favorite slot and table games. Looking for more fun? Stop by the other casinos inside the Triple Crown family just a few doors away at The Midnight Rose and McGills.

The Craps Table Located Inside Of The Brass Ass Casino

Cripple Creek and its beloved donkeys await your visit. Come and discover the charm, warmth, and rich heritage that make this town a true gem of Colorado. While visiting the famous Cripple Creek donkeys, make sure to stay and play with Triple Crown Casinos!

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