Summer Hiking Near Cripple Creek: Experience Nature’s Best and Indulge in Triple Crown Casinos’ Unforgettable Entertainment

There’s an unmistakable charm in hiking along verdant trails, feeling the sun on your face, breathing the crisp mountain air, and then transitioning to the exciting chime of slot machines, the aroma of mouthwatering cuisine, and the comfort of luxurious accommodations. This perfectly sums up what Cripple Creek, Colorado, specifically Triple Crown Casinos, has to offer during the enchanting summer season.

A couple with their backs facing the viewer hike down a trail with mountains in the distance planning a summer trip to cripple creek

Hiking enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the area around Cripple Creek is filled with a number of scenic trails, all offering breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountain landscape. Trails vary from leisurely strolls to challenging climbs, ensuring an adventure for every level of hiker. Here are some must-visit hiking trails near Cripple Creek:

Vindicator Valley Trail: This 2-mile loop trail offers a fascinating glimpse into the gold-mining history of Cripple Creek, with remnants of old mines and structures along the path.

Horsethief Falls: This moderate 2.4-mile round-trip hike leads to a beautiful waterfall – a perfect way to cool off during the hot summer days.

Crags Trail: A slightly more challenging 4.8-mile trail offering panoramic views from the peak of Pike’s Peak range.

Relax and Win at Triple Crown Casinos

After a long day of hiking, unwind with unrivaled entertainment and hospitality at any of the three casinos of Triple Crown Casinos – Midnight Rose Hotel & Casino, The Brass Ass Casino, and McGills Hotel & Casino. Offering the best table games, state-of-the-art slot machines, and top-tier poker rooms in Cripple Creek, Triple Crown Casinos promise unforgettable gaming experiences. You can try your luck at the tables, enjoy live music, or partake in regular events and promotions that keep the excitement going.

Delightful Dining

McGills Restaurant

Each of the Triple Crown Casinos offers tasty dining experiences as well, from the casual yet delicious menu at Dynamite Dick’s at the Midnight Rose to the gourmet dining at The Down Under at the Brass Ass Casino and the inviting atmosphere of J.P. McGills Pint & Platter. There’s something to satiate every palate.

Stay Close to the Fun

A king sized bed is neatly made in a beautifully decorated neutral hotel room with a brick fireplace.

The well-appointed rooms at the Midnight Rose and McGills Hotel ensure a restful stay after your adventurous day. They are an oasis of comfort and luxury, with beautifully decorated rooms, modern amenities, and spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.

Ride the Ramblin Express

Ramblin Express bus with Midnight Rose pictured on the side

Accessing Triple Crown Casinos is made easy by the Ramblin Express shuttle service. The service offers a convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective way to travel from several Colorado cities to the heart of the action in Cripple Creek. With frequent schedules and exceptional service, your adventure starts when you board.

Book Your Summer Adventure Today!

The combination of picturesque summer hikes and pulsating casino action makes Cripple Creek a must-visit destination this summer. Whether you’re drawn by the allure of the trails or the thrill of the casinos, one thing is for sure – a visit to the Triple Crown Casinos is an absolute must. So, pack your hiking boots and good luck charms, and prepare for an unforgettable summer adventure in Cripple Creek, Colorado!

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