Road Trip to Cripple Creek and the Fall Mountains

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Do you want to experience Colorado’s great outdoors surrounding Cripple Creek? From strenuous mountain climbing to strolls through decades of fossils, Cripple Creek is a short drive filled with world-class outdoor adventure.

Cripple Creek makes one of Colorado’s most notable and fascinating scenic routes to explore. The historic gold mines, gold mining hoaxes, and the modern-day casinos and hotels make a road trip to Cripple Creek full of fun memories you will never forget.

You are assured of unique adventures, fun times, and excellent photo ops when you drive through or around Cripple Creek. All you need is to put on your boots, pack some snacks and water, and get going on your trip! Here are some fun activities you could engage in on your road trip to the Cripple Creek mountains.

Take a Drive on the Scenic Byway

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In 2000, the Gold Belt Scenic Byway was appointed as the National Scenic Byway by the United States Secretary of Transportation – one of ten designated National Scenic Byways in Colorado. Three main routes make up the Gold Belt drive trip: Highway 50, Cañon City, and West Highway 24. Each of these roads provides distinct scenery that ranges from mountain parklands to rocky canyons.

When you drive through the Gold Belt Tour, you will be able to retrace the historic travel routes that connect Victor Mining District and Cripple Creek. On your Gold Belt Scenic Byway tour, there is a lot to see and explore, and here are some main highlights.

Make a Stop at the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument

Consider making a stop south of Florissant along Colorado and exploring the Fossil Beds. Here, you will get first-hand experience of Colorado’s fossil history. The world’s most diverse and richest fossil deposits lie beneath the grassy mountain valley, telling a story of prehistoric times in Colorado.

Visit Guffey Town, Colorado

Royal Gorge Bridge, highest suspension bridge in USA

Guffey town in Colorado is a small mountain town located at Mile Marker 21. You will enjoy spectacular views from Guffey, including the Royal Gorge Bridge located just down the hill. The town is centrally located, making it easy to access many other Colorado attractions.

Explore the Royal Gorge Bridge

Canon City - CO - Royal Gorge Bridge

Cañon City is famous for being an incredible hub for various outdoor activities such as hiking and rafting – and the Royal Gorge Bridge is one of the main hotspots for such activities. It is the highest suspension bridge in America and is open to visitors.

Explore the Shelf Road

Mountain peaks in Pikes Peak Colorado

The outstanding scenery that comes with riding through Shelf Road is worth going through narrow, rugged roads. You will see spectacular views of the majestic Pikes Peak Mountain, the Royal Gorge Bridge, and the high-country beauty.

Visit Victor Town and See Victor Gold Mine and Amazing Views

Victor is a Mining Town in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado

What is a Cripple Creek trip without exploring Victor town? When you head downtown to Victor, you will see fantastic mountain views and numerous mines on top of the town’s hills. You can also explore the historic buildings in the city, which are perfectly preserved and full of impeccably charming details.

Apart from the town being photogenic, you can poke your head into one of the most outstanding antique stores featuring local artifacts.

Get a Ride Through the Skaguay Reservoir

Fly Fishing Woman, Colorado

Outside Victor, there is a long, narrow reservoir called Skaguay Reservoir. The pool is located on CR 861 and is vast enough to have a boat ride and enjoy a warm day on the lake. You can easily access the reservoir by vehicle and explore the bank’s hiking trails and fun fishing activities. Keep in mind that camping is not allowed in the reservoir, but you can access various camping options dispersed within the region.

Look for Cripple Creek’s Adorable Donkeys

Picture of a funny donkey at sunset.

Apart from the casino vibe in this small town, one thing that attracts people on a trip to Cripple Creek is the adorable donkeys that roam around the town. Herds of donkeys roam around Cripple Creek’s streets and hillsides, especially from around May to October. In most cases, the donkeys stay in small groups waiting for snacks and petting. If you decide to feed them, consider giving them healthy, approved snacks.

Have Fun Gambling in Cripple Creek, Colorado

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What’s a road trip to Cripple Creek without gambling? Cripple Creek boasts the best casino games and slot machines in Colorado, an experience you wouldn’t want to miss! Triple Crown Casinos features three local favorites: the Midnight Rose Casino, McGills Casino, and Brass Ass Casino.

Triple Crown Casinos are the most loved local hot spots in Cripple Creek offering several casino games, including casino slot games, table games, and card games. Each casino also features its unique theme, a place to eat, and hotels.

Take a Rest and Experience a Night in Roman-Themed Suites

After a long day filled with numerous adventures, you need a comfortable place to rest and unwind. Cripple Creek hotels offer you the luxurious experience you need after a day full of activities and experiences.

The cozy, welcoming hotels will offer you the comfort you need after your long trip to Cripple Creek. Several high-end luxury suites, including Roman, Western, and Victorian rooms, have different themes.

Travel in Style on the Cripple Creek Shuttle

Not sure which means of transport to use as you travel through or around Cripple Creek? We got you! With the Cripple Creek shuttle bus, you can conveniently access Cripple Creek and the surrounding Colorado areas. The Ramblin Express is available throughout the day, and you can access it in four different locations: on 8th Street and Palmer Park in Colorado Springs, Woodland Park, and Pueblo.

Group rates and charters are available if you are on a road trip with a group. So, you can sit back, relax, and be taken to your destination in sophistication.

On your road trip to explore the Cripple Creek mountains, plan a stop at the Triple Crown Casinos and hotels for fine dining, the best casino games in town, and a relaxing, exquisite lodging experience. Escape your daily routine, explore unique adventures across Colorado and finish by relaxing at one of our luxurious suites in Cripple Creek. We hope to see you there soon!

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