Triple Crown Casinos: The Perfect Pairing with “Rita, the Rock Planter” in Victor

You might already know all about the magical ambiance and lucky vibes of Triple Crown Casinos. But have you heard about the latest attraction to grace the scenic landscapes of Colorado? If you’re planning a trip to Victor, Colorado, we have another fantastic reason (apart from our exciting casino experience in nearby Cripple Creek) for you to explore our haven in the Rockies.

A close-up of the sculpture, Rita the Rock Planter


Please meet “Rita, the Rock Planter,” a breathtaking wooden troll sculpture created by the renowned recycling artist Thomas Dambo. Tucked amidst the sprawling mountain views of Victor, just a stone’s throw away from Cripple Creek, this enchanting work of art tells a whimsical story. The sculpture is nestled next to a gold mine from the 1800s, where people once flocked with hopes of striking it rich. As the tale goes, Rita took a long nap in the late 1800s and, when she woke up, decided to cover up the dangerous holes in the mountain to protect both man and beast from harm.

Rita is About Responsibility

Thomas Dambo’s unique approach toward art is not just about aesthetics. Rita, and his many other sculptures, are all made entirely from recycled materials. Dambo reminds us of the importance of sustainability and our shared responsibility towards the Earth. “This is made 100% from things that were something else before,” Dambo said, suggesting that reusing old materials can produce results just as magnificent as using new items.

The night sky behind Rita the Rock Planter in Victor, Colorado

Source: Steven Kincade

Trolls, Tourism, and Triple Crown

Imagine coupling your visit to see Rita with a playful day at Triple Crown Casinos. It’s the perfect blend of adventure, art, and adrenaline.

Stay with us and bask in the warmth of a small community. Explore the beauty that Victor has to offer. And go see Rita, Dambo’s 119th troll installation across the world. “Rita, the Rock Planter” isn’t just an art piece; it’s an experience.

Visitors around the Rita the Rock Planter sculpture


A local organization, Gold Camp District Impact Group (gcDIG), has been pivotal in bringing this masterpiece to Teller County. Their vision aligns with ours at Cripple Crown Casinos — to boost local tourism and showcase the wonders of our region. As lifelong resident Autumn Wallace says, “I think it’s broadened our sense of what it means to live in this area.” Another resident and volunteer, Gary Horton, adds, “Nobody stops in Victor, which is kinda nice, but at the same time, we could use an influx of new people.”

Stay Where Excitement Meets Art

Downtown Cripple Creek at sunset with the neon lights on all the buildings lit

Why not make your next getaway memorable by enjoying the thrills at Triple Crown Casinos and witnessing the enchantment of “Rita, the Rock Planter” in Victor? Step into a world where excitement meets art, where nostalgia meets friendly faces. At Triple Crown, we’re not just any casino. We’re a small, locally-owned haven that genuinely roots for you to win and revel in every moment. We pride ourselves on being voted as the loosest slots for six years running, ensuring you have a good time and a lucky one. Join us, and let the thrills begin — we eagerly await your arrival!

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