Exciting Events to Look Forward to – Fall Edition

Tall Aspen trees with fall foliage in Colorado rocky mountains

Are you looking for something exciting to do when you visit Cripple Creek, Colorado? Fall is almost here which is a magical time to visit Colorado because the air is crisp, there’s less intense sun, and the glorious aspen leaves are changing to red and gold to warm the landscape.

Cripple Creek and its neighborhood have the best Colorado events and attractions, and this article will go over the most exciting and loved events. The best part is that you’ll have plenty of exquisite suites and rooms for a relaxing and resting escape after attending the events. Here are the most exciting events to look forward to this fall.

Visit the Annual Big Aspen Happnin’ Festival

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There is no better place to enjoy a warm landscape with golden and red aspen leaves than Cripple Creek, Colorado. So, why not add an exciting street party to the spectacle? The Annual Big Aspen Happnin’ is a huge street party that involves an entire city block of unmeasurable excitement.

The Annual Big Aspen Happnin’ party features a massive slide, live music, bounce houses, street vendors, a gigantic obstacle course, and plenty of art inspired by fine fall handiwork. The festival takes place on September 28th-29th in Cripple Creek, CO, Bennett Avenue, 80813.

Have a Fun Night With the Boo at the Zoo Activities

close up of an elephant eating a pumpkin

Are you thinking of a different kind of fall night fun? Head on over to Boo at the Zoo this fall. Put on your favorite costumes and enjoy candy made with sustainable palm oil. It’s a unique but fun way to enjoy yourself with friends or a great date night. You’ll experience a spooky twist through various highlight activities, including:

  • Exploring the haunted house: This activity is appropriate for adults and is found at Moose Lake.
  • Tricks-or-treats at the spooky treat stations: You’ll explore different tricks and treats at various treat stations on the Boo at the Zoo path.
  • Selecting animal exhibits: You’ll get a chance to hand-feed giraffes and budgies from an elevated boardwalk while enjoying the beautiful view of the city.
  • Exploring the lighted pumpkin patch: You’ll really feel the mood of the season with a short jaunt on a crisp fall evening.

Enjoy the Harvest Festival and Miners Pumpkin Patch at the Western Mining Museum

Woman at a pumpkin patch before Halloween

The Western Museum of Mining and Industry kicks off its fall celebrations with a Harvest Festival, which benefits from the renovations of the Historic Reynolds Ranch House. The celebration features a two-day festival where you’ll be treated to live demonstrations, including gold panning and the vintage apple cider press.

For more low-key fun, there’s the Miners Pumpkin Patch, which takes place on Saturdays in October 2022 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Apart from the tickets, you’ll need museum admission to access all outdoor fun, including games and demonstrations. You’ll also have unlimited play at the pumpkin patch games, tractor-pulled hayrides, and more.

Enjoy the Autumn & Art Show Event

autumn landscape in the park stands the artist's easel with an empty sheet of paper for drawing.

The Autumn & Art Show is an incredible event at the Heritage Center in Cripple Creek – an event that includes several demonstrations featuring various styles of art. You’ll enjoy autumn’s beauty and a ton of artwork from many talented local artists. You’ll also interact with the artists and discuss their artwork.

Lift Your Spirit at Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

Royal Gorge Bridge with some snow and a clear sky

The Boo at the Bridge annual event features games, entertainment, and various goodies, so you’re guaranteed an exciting time. Stuff your treat bags as you enjoy the spectacular view from the highest suspension bridge in America.

Have Fun This Fall With the Best Slots at Triple Crown Casinos

This fall is a perfect time to give yourself or your friends a treat at the best slot machines in Cripple Creek, Colorado. The Triple Crown Casinos features three favorite local casinos: Midnight Rose Casino, Brass Ass Casino, and McGills Casino.

You’ll enjoy trying out various casino games such as slot machines, card games, and table games. Some of the best games to try out this fall include craps, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. Each casino also has its unique aesthetics and a place to eat.

Book a Stay at Cripple Creek’s Best Hotels. Keep the Fun Going!

Shelf Road Cripple Creek Colorado in fall

Are you looking for amazing places to stay this fall? The Midnight Rose, Brass Ass, and McGills hotels/casinos are your sanctuary. Whether you’re looking for a chilled place to stay after a day full of activities, or you want a perfect place to rest between your exciting adventures, you’re assured of a luxurious experience with Cripple Creek Hotels.

You have the freedom to select a room that suits you, from standard rooms to suites and luxury rooms. In fact, our Roman-themed suites are carefully designed and equipped with modern, luxurious amenities to make you comfortable. These luxurious hotels are perfect for relaxing after a busy day full of fun and exciting events in Cripple Creek, Colorado.

Tired From an Event? Let Someone Else Drive You!

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You’ll probably be too exhausted to drive after you attend an event, and if that happens, our luxury shuttle buses are here for you. Our Ramblin’ Express has several pick-up stations in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and Woodland Park, so you can conveniently attend all exciting events across Colorado. We’ll provide you with comfortable, affordable, and reliable shuttle trips to Central City, Cripple Creek, and Black Hawk. The best part is that we’ll drive you to your event and back!

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year to explore all of the exciting events in Colorado. If you’re looking for a relaxing experience after participating in Colorado or Cripple Creek’s fall events, take a trip on our Cripple Creek shuttle and experience royal splendor at our luxurious hotels.

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