A Guide to Thrilling Adventures Near Cripple Creek

Sky view of an old western town, Cripple Creek Colorado. This t

Some people come to Colorado for the views, but there is lots to do that can really get your heart pumping as well. You can stay at one of the Triple Crown Casinos and Hotels and make your way to neighboring areas to find thrill-seeking adventures. You can even find some fun and exciting things to do right in Cripple Creek, where the casinos and hotels are located. Cripple Creek is an old mining town, so there is plenty to check out and learn about the Gold Rush days. Check out this guide on six things to do near Cripple Creek that every adventurer will love.

Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine Tour

Cart in gold mine - underground

Around the end of April each year, the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine Tour in Cripple Creek begins running from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. Make sure to call ahead to ensure it is running because it is weather dependent. As long as the weather cooperates, you can catch a tour every 30-45 minutes.

The tour is the only vertical gold mine tour, and you will drop 1,000 feet into the ground. You’ll get to witness the evolution of underground mining and see gold veins in their natural states. Your background noise will be various sounds of mining equipment. You even get a free gold ore sample at the end.

Paradise Cove

Paradise Cove / Guffey Gorge Park near Colorado Springs, Colorad

Near Cripple Creek, you can find Paradise Cove. It’s also known as Guffey Cove and is a popular spot for cliff jumping. You will have to take a short but steep half-mile hike to access the cove. After you’ve made your exhilarating jump, you can enjoy the scenery nearby and enjoy the cove-side beach area. Remember that cliff jumping can be dangerous, so jump at your own risk.

Terror-Dactyl Ride

2 men on the Terror-dactyl ride, one laughing, one crying

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In Manitou Springs, you can brave the Terror-Dactyl ride. This ride is found on the edge of a 200-foot cliff in Williams Canyon. You will be launched over 150 feet into the canyon at almost 100 miles an hour. Be prepared for the G-forces on the ride because they are pretty intense. After your 150-foot free fall, you will swing back and forth over the canyon floor.

Important notes about going on this ride:

  • Riders must wear either shorts or pants due to the harness
  • Riders must be at least four feet tall
  • All riders must weigh between 100 and 250 lbs
  • There cannot be more than a 100 lb weight difference between riders on the same chair
  • It will cost you $40 per person for the ride

Manitou Incline

Manitou Incline located in Colorado

While you’re already in Manitou Springs, you should check out the Manitou Incline. Although this trail is only one mile long, it has 2,768 steps and gains almost 2,000 feet of elevation by the time you get to the end of the trial. On average, the grade for the trail is around 45%, but it can be as steep as 68%.

It is recommended that you only attempt this trail if you are physically active and an advanced hiker. If you have a medical issue, it can take first responders up to 3-to 4 hours to get to you, so you should avoid this trail if that is a concern for you.

The Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

The Royal Gorge Bridge is a tourist attraction near Canon City, Colorado, USA

The highest and most famous suspension bridge in America is the Royal Gorge Bridge, located in Cañon City, Colorado. Enjoy Colorado’s beauty while standing nearly 1,000 feet above the Arkansas River. Walk across the bridge and check out the view of the river and canyon below.

While you’re at the park, you can check out the Cloudscraper Zip Line. This attraction lets you soar 1,200 feet above the roaring Arkansas River. It’s located on the South Rim of the Royal Gorge and runs parallel between the Royal Gorge Bridge and the Aerial Gondolas.

Skyline Drive

Skyline Drive in Canon City Colorado

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Another must-see attraction in Cañon City, Colorado, is Skyline Drive. It is considered one of America’s most scenic drives and is known for its steep, cliff-side climb. There are no guardrails on this drive, so you can look right out the window to see what it would have been like to travel the road in the early 1900s.

This drive starts off of Highway 50 and is a one-way road. You will follow the path that overlooks the Royal Gorge, Cañon City, and the Arkansas River Valley. You can stop along the way to enjoy the view, and at the top, you can check out dinosaur tracks on the cliff face. It is best to take this route with a small car or truck.

Triple Crown Casinos in Cripple Creek

If you’re staying in Cripple Creek, consider staying at the Triple Crown Casinos and Hotels. You can stay at either the Midnight Rose Hotel or McGills. If you’d like to check out the casino at the Brass Ass, it is a short walk from either!

elderly tourist playing slot machines and gambling in casino

The Brass Ass

For history lovers, The Brass Ass is the oldest casino in Cripple Creek. At the casino, you will find live-action Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and Craps, along with up-to-date video poker and slot machines.

Midnight Rose

If you’re looking for a casino with the best gambling games around, you should check into the Midnight Rose. It is one of the most decorated gaming rooms in Cripple Creek. You can check out the Victorian-era surroundings while exploring two floors with over 300 of the newest and hottest slot machines and the only Poker Room in Cripple Creek.


If you want a hotel and casino with a large variety of games and plenty of space, McGills is for you. It has a large variety of progressive machines, slots, and video poker. Hang out on the mezzanine to enjoy a nice view of the main floor.

Use the Shuttle Bus

2 Ramblin Express luxury buses parked

Don’t want to drive to Cripple Creek?  Let the Ramblin Express luxury shuttle buses drive you safely from convenient locations in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, or Woodland Park.  Enjoy your exhilarating adventures and end your day at the casino, trying to win back the money you spent!

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