Cripple Creek Lodging at Triple Crown Casinos

An Enjoyable Weekend in Cripple Creek

Cripple Creek, Colorado is a historic gold-mining remnant of the West that presents the same luscious scenery as when the panhandlers once swept the bubbling streams in the 19th century. Although the gold rush days are long gone, the excitement of the area still exists with theaters and museums that offer a glimpse into the past.

In 1991, gambling became legalized and the fun really started. Cripple Creek lodging mixes the old with the new with everything from rustic cabins to luxurious hotels for a get-a-way weekend of pleasure. Triple Crown Casinos has taken the lead in providing some of the best lodging Cripple Creek, CO has to offer, in addition to dining and gaming.

Two separate Cripple Creek lodging selections make the visit to this Colorado area a delightful way to forget about the stress of everyday life and have a new adventure when returning for a second visit. The McGill’s Hotel & Casino is known for the hottest coin games in town and a mezzanine that overlooks the entire casino floor.

Another excellent lodging option in Cripple Creek can be found at Midnight Rose where the flavor of royalty is fit for a King. You will feel special with this flamboyant lodging Cripple Creek, CO has to offer from live poker to dining in style to remarkable spacious rooms.

Live gaming can also be found at the Brass Ass Casino that is located in a historic Western-style building, making the mood for catching the excitement of old-time gold a reality. Spend the day at this great gaming center and retreat to nearby lodging in Cripple Creek.

Looking over the scenic mountains that only Cripple Creek can deliver makes this weekend of enjoyment a venture to return to over and over again. Choose your favorite Cripple Creek lodging or have a different type of scene with each returning visit. There is never a dull moment in this Colorado town that keeps memories alive and events and recreation lively.

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