Should You Bet On Sports? Pros and Cons of Sports Betting

Sports are a significant part of the entertainment business in the United States. Every year, millions of Americans spend billions of dollars on tickets, merchandise, travel, lodging, and food & beverages, all revolving around sporting events. What’s even more astounding is how much American’s spend on a much less obvious aspect of the sports entertainment industry: sports betting. It’s estimated that Americans spend over $100 billion each year predicting the results of games or matches and making wagers on them. As sports betting becomes more popular and more states legalize this practice, you may be wondering if now is the time to invest in this billion-dollar industry. In this article we will go over some advantages and disadvantages of sports betting and whether or not it is a good idea for you.

Pros of Sports Betting

Sports betting can give you a bit of an adrenaline rush, and it gives you a reason to pay closer attention to the games. Those are just a couple of reasons why sports betting can be fun. Here are five advantages to sports betting.

Sports Betting Is Incredibly Entertaining

Several adult friends sitting on a couch sports betting while cheering and watching a game.

While many people realize they aren’t likely to win a lot of money with sports betting, the thrill of it keeps them going. Many people view sports betting as an entertainment value on its own. They may have a group of friends they make bets with, and competing against their friends brings its own kind of fun. Betting on a game or match can also add a thrilling and personal addition to an already exciting competition. When you make a bet, you now have a vested interest in the game’s outcome because there’s much more to lose than just your team pride and bragging rights.

It’s Less About Luck and More About Strategy

One of the benefits of sports betting compared to other forms of gambling is that there is a strategy piece to it. Although luck is always a factor, many other statistics-based factors go into how well a team or player competes that affect the likely outcome of the game.  While athletes will not play exactly the same in every game, they tend to trend toward similar behavior overall.

When participating in a sports bet, it is important to look at stats for any players or teams you are betting on. You can see how well they have been playing, their averages against certain opponents, if they have home-field advantage, etc., and set your bet accordingly. You also need to consider any injured players and how that will affect overall points.

Luck can definitely play a factor in sports betting, but it is much lower than other gambling activities. There is always a chance the star player could get injured and impact the game or that someone could complete an unlikely play that changes things drastically. Ultimately, though, strategy creates a significant advantage to sports betting.

You Have a High Potential To Win Big

A baseball and baseball glove resting on top of a pile of cash representing sports betting.

One of the great things about sports betting is that you can put as much or as little money into it as you want. If you put in a lot of money, you have the opportunity to earn a lot back.

However, if you are going to bet high, you should know a lot about the sport you are betting on. For instance, if you played any sports growing up, that would be a great sport to place bets on. You already have an innate understanding of how the sport works, so you are much more likely to make money on your bets.

Strategy is the key when it comes to winning big in sports betting. Part of that is knowing when you should put in a bet. If the team you usually bet on has several injuries, for example, it might not be the best time to be placing bets. Another way you can win big is by betting on the underdog. Although this strategy has a much higher risk, the rewards for betting on an upset can be very lucrative.

You Can Diversify Your Bets

Another strategy is diversifying your bets. There are many sports you can bet on, and each of them has a different approach and various ways you can bet, which means there are many different ways you can win. Even within one sport, there are many teams that you can bet on. That way, if one bet goes south, you still have other bets to keep you up.

There are also a lot of different ways to bet on sports which also allows you to diversify. For example, you could partake in a parlay bet, a straight bet, or futures betting, among others. A parlay bet involves two or more wagers, and you must win them all to win overall. A straight bet is an individual wager on one game or event. Finally, futures betting sets a bet on an event far in the future, such as who will win next year’s Super Bowl.

Sports betting allows you to diversify much more than traditional gambling like cards and slots. With traditional gambling, you focus on one thing and don’t have nearly as much opportunity to diversify at your bets.

Cons of Sports Betting

While there are many advantages to sports betting, there are disadvantages, as well. With high rewards come high risks, and the disadvantages of sports betting can cause you to have negative, and in extreme circumstances, life-altering consequences.

A black man holding a basketball with a group of friends in the background cheering on a team while sports betting at a bar

Sports Betting Can Be Highly Addictive

Any kind of gambling can be addictive, and sports betting is no exception. Unfortunately, with the added vested interest you feel when you bet on sports, it is easy to get caught up and end up in the excitement and bet more than you can afford.

You may also find yourself on a winning streak and end up betting more than you should, causing you to lose a lot when that winning streak ends. On the contrary, you may be losing poorly, but keep telling yourself that next time you will win. You then end up in a cycle you can’t stop. Many people have lost money, relationships, and status because they were too addicted to walk away.

Although Strategy Helps, You Won’t Always Win

A man on a bench covering his face in disgust while his friends cover their heads after losing while sports betting at a bar.

Strategy definitely helps you win in sports betting, but it won’t always work out in your favor. Some betters become overconfident in their approach and end up losing a lot of money. It’s not uncommon for people to become overconfident to the point of taking unnecessary risks. You have to keep in mind that sports can change instantly if the momentum of a game swings in a different direction, a player gets injured, or an underdog has an incredible day.

You Can Win Big, But Lose Bigger

While sports betting has several factors that allow you to win big, this means there is just as much potential for you to lose big as well. If you become overconfident in your betting, you can end up taking risks that lose you a lot of money.

Is Sports Betting at Triple Crown Casinos Right For You?

If you know a decent bit about any sport, you could have fun with sports betting. Just remember to start small and don’t get too overconfident.

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