How to Play Texas Hold’em in Colorado

When was the last time you had a lot of fun on a night out in Colorado? Are you tired of your usual routine of dinner at an expensive restaurant, going to the same old bars or clubs, or trying to find something fun to do on a Friday night? Then it’s time to learn how to play Texas Hold’em! Not only is playing poker at Triple Crown Casinos a fun and entertaining new experience to add to your nightlife checklist, but it can also be quite lucrative if you have a good strategy.

Texas holdem cards laying on a green poker table.

Odds are that you’ve played poker at least once in your lifetime. However, the experience of hitting the tables at a casino is much different from playing in your friend’s game room. The risks are much higher, but so are the rewards. With our guide to Texas Hold’em for beginners, you will learn how to play the game and some basic strategies to help you have a better chance at winning more.

What is Texas Hold’em Poker?

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular versions of the traditional poker card game in the US. Although there is a dispute as to who came up with the game, the industry gives more credit to T. Forbes “Blondie”, a seasoned Texas road gambler who invented it in the 1920s.

In Texas Hold’em, players strive to make sound betting decisions and win as many chips as possible. Players use their hole cards (the two in their hand) and the five community cards that the dealer reveals as the game continues to create a five-card hand. Eventually, one player wins the pot, which consists of any bets wagered on the hand.

Basic Rules of Texas Hold’em

Person checking hole cards at a texas hold'em tablePlayers are dealt two cards each. These are the hole cards. Players start the first round of betting based on how well they think their hole cards will do as the game progresses. The dealer then deals three community cards face up this is called the flop, which we will discuss more later. The second round of betting occurs based on how strong a player thinks their hand is. Typically, you can create a hand using the personal cards together with the community cards or simply the community cards only. Each time the dealer deals another community card (known as the “turn” and the “river”), a new round of betting takes place. All bets go into the pot.

The Object of Texas Hold’em

The object of Texas Hold’em is to win the pot by the best poker hand. Players bet in turns before and after each card is revealed on the table. However, you’ll need to put the same amount of chips your opponent places on the table to stay in hand or see the next card that the dealer reveals.

Dealing and Playing

Here are the basic rules for dealing and playing Texas Hold’em.


The deal in Texas Hold’em involves two hole cards, dealt for each player. These cards are private and only the players should see them. After that, the dealer will spread up to five community cards. The dealer spreads three of the five cards at once and the remaining two consecutively each round.

poker chips, poker cards, and 3 buttons: big blind, small blind, dealerBlinds

There are two blinds: the small blind and the big blind. The big blind is essentially the minimum bet for the table. The small blind is half of the big blind (or rounded down to the nearest practical value). These are called blinds because players must pay them before they see their first cards. Blinds vary depending on how much is at stake and the betting structure leveraged in the game. The purpose of blinds is to create a starting pot for the players to compete over and to keep players from calling passively.


The button selects the player who represents the starting position for the ongoing game. This is usually the player seated in the clockwise direction of the button. The chosen player then posts the small blind to make the first forced bet. The player sitting in the clockwise direction of the small blinds then posts the big blind.

Betting Options

Betting options in Texas Hold’em include raise, check, call, bet, and fold. Your ideal option when playing depends on what the previous player acted on. For instance, you can call, raise, or fold if there is an active bet.


You can play on by raising or calling the big blind after every player on the table sees their hole cards. Pre-flop goes on until every player places matching bets in the pot.


The flop encompasses three community cards dealt face-up. Although the flop betting options are nearly similar to pre-flop, you can check and pass the baton to the player sitting in your clockwise direction if there is no active bet that you must match.


The turn follows the flop round, dealt face-up. The turn represents the fourth community card. That’s why many people refer to it as Fourth Street. This presents another betting round, starting from the clockwise of the button.


The river is the last community card, popularly known as Fifth Street. The betting rules in the river are the same as pre-flop, flop, and turn.


The showdown happens after the final betting round. But who shows their cards first? This can be the remaining player after the last betting round, or the player sitting in the clockwise direction of the button if there is no active bet. The player with the highest five-card hand carries the day.

Hands of Texas Hold’em

Illustration showing all of the Texas Hold'em poker hands.

Royal Flush

A royal flush is the best Texas Hold’em hand possible, comprising A, K, Q, J, and 10.

Straight Flush

Straight flush comprises any same suit straight.

Four of a Kind

As the name suggests, four of a kind includes four cards with an equal value to a side card.

Full House

A full house consists of three same value cards and two cards of a different value.


A flush consists of all cards in the same suit.


A straight consists of five cards representing consecutive values. They may not be in the same suit.

Three of a Kind

A three of a kind hand consists of three same-value cards and two side cards representing different values.

Two Pair

In a two-pair hand, there are two cards with the same value, a side card, and another set of two cards with the same value.

One Pair

This hand includes three extra cards and a set of two cards with the same value.

High Card

A high card hand consists of all five cards that don’t compliment each other in any of the above hands.

Basic Texas Hold’em Strategy

Basic Texas Hold’em strategies include:

  • Play Fewer Hands More Aggressively: If you try to play every hand, you’ll lose your chips quickly. Play the pre-flop with stronger hands and raise aggressively.
  • Don’t Be the First Player to Call after the Big Blind: If you’re the first person after the big blind, raising will force players behind you to put in more chips or fold, enticing the pot.
  • Fold When You’re Not Confident: Great players know when even a potentially strong hand when they know they can’t win. This will save your chips and allow you to bet more aggressively later on.
  • Raise When an Opponent Shows Weakness: When a player checks consistently, this means they are usually holding onto a weak hand. Raising will force them to increase the pot, or fold.
  • Only Play When You Really Want to: Texas Hold’em is meant to be a fun and rewarding experience. If you aren’t feeling it, don’t force yourself to play. You will play much better if you are relaxed and in a good mood than if you are frustrated, fatigued, or angry

Try Your Hands at Texas Hold’em at Triple Crown Casinos

Knowing how to play the Texas Hold’em is easy if you get the basic rules right from the beginning. Remember, all moves start from the player sitting in the clockwise direction of the button. Although these tips may not guarantee you a chance at a global tournament, feel free to hone your skills at Triple Crown Casinos. We are waiting for you.

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