Fun Things To Do in Colorado

fun things to do in coloradoColorado is a gorgeous western state that’s beloved by many for its breathtaking landscapes and plentiful recreational opportunities. If you’re looking for fun things to do in Colorado, you should never have a tough time discovering excellent and exciting opportunities. Many people who want to know what to do in Colorado visit a lovely city by the name of Cripple Creek.

Are there casinos in Colorado?

Cripple Creek is a gambling hub in Colorado. That’s because it has a handful of the finest Cripple Creek casinos in the entire state. These first-rate casinos are McGills Hotel & Casino, Midnight Rose Hotel & Casino and The Brass Ass Casino. These casinos are all popular destinations among Cripple Creek visitors. If you want to know what to do in Colorado, fun-filled gambling may be an activity you want to consider.

McGills Hotel & Casino

McGills Hotel & Casino is a large casino that has a friendly and energetic atmosphere. It boasts an impressive selection of slot machines. If you’re a video poker enthusiast, you’ll surely have a fantastic time at McGills Hotel & Casino. The casino also makes a fantastic destination for people who enjoy great eats. It’s home to McGills Pint & Platter Pub, a dining establishment that has a menu with everything from sandwiches to seafood dishes.

Midnight Rose Hotel & Casino

Midnight Rose Hotel & Casino is another big gambling spot in Cripple Creek as well as a great Cripple Creek hotel – Stay and Play! If you need things to do in Colorado, this casino will surely change your mind. Midnight Rose Hotel & Casino isn’t only full of gambling excitement. It also has a lovely Victorian design theme that’s sure to please people who appreciate history. The casino consists of two floors that feature more than 300 first-rate slot games. People who want to eat at this casino can stop by The Down Under. This restaurant offers a seafood and prime rib buffet on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday each week.

The Brass Ass Casino

The Brass Ass Casino, lastly, is another thrilling destination for people in need of things to do in Colorado. If you’re looking for fun things to do in Colorado, you can’t go wrong at The Brass Ass Casino. This casino has the distinction of being Cripple Creek’s oldest. Some examples of the fun options available at the casino include roulette, blackjack, craps and high five poker. There are also many slot games available to guests. The Brass Ass Casino’s enormous selection of nickel slot machines is unrivaled in Cripple Creek as well. Miner’s Pick is a restaurant in the casino that specializes in inexpensive and tasty sandwiches and pizzas.

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