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You can put your sports intuition to good use when you participate in sports betting in Colorado. At Triple Crown Casinos, we make it easy for you to win money by predicting how a sports game will turn out. Not only can you root for your favorite teams in an energetic and lively environment, but you can win big in the process. Whether you are just getting started or you are an advanced sports better, here are a few sports betting tips & strategies that will help you out.

Straight Bet

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Overall, the most popular sports betting tip is to bet with a Straight Bet. The point spread is based on an anticipated outcome of the match. So if the spread is +3, the chosen favorite will need more than three points (a field goal in football) for you to win the wager. The three-point win results in a push, so you would get your wager back. However, if you were to bet on the underdog, that team only needs to end up within 3 points of the top team for you to get winnings.

Total Line Bet

Another great sports betting tip is the total line bet. This popular way to bet requires that the total be estimated of both team’s scores. From this estimate, you decide if the outcome will be lower or higher than what is predicted. You only need to concern yourself with the total combined score at the end of the game.

Money Line Bet

If you don’t want to concern yourself with the point spread, you can bet on one team to win with a Money Line Bet. If you win by choosing the favored team, you won’t get as much money. However, if you win by betting on the underdog, there’s much more to earn.

Risk It With A Parlay Bet

The Parlay Bet might have the highest risk, but it also returns the highest payout. With Parlay, you are going to bet on several teams at once. You need all of your picks to win for the payout. If they all win, the reward is substantial, but you also have less chance of winning this way. We recommend this type of sports betting once you become more advanced and you show that you can make good picks.

Play It Safe With A Teaser Bet

If you like the idea of a Parlay Bet, but you don’t want to risk it all, consider a Teaser Bet instead. With this type of sports betting, you place a bet on multiple teams, but there’s an extended point spread that helps reduce the risk. However, making it easier to win means less of a payout. All you need to do to win money is have your teams score within a larger spread.

Get Creative With A Proposition Bet

If betting on the outcome of a game is getting to be mundane, liven it up a little bit. With a Proposition Bet, you wager on anything but how the game will turn out. Make predictions on what player or team will be the first to score.

Get Competitive With A Head-To-Head Bet

The Head-To-Head Bet lets you bet on players instead of the teams. If you wager on a player and they finish the game with a higher score than their rival did, you win.

Focus On A Single Team To Start

If you want to get really good at sports betting, it’s wise to learn the ins and outs of one team and all its players. Otherwise, to make accurate predictions, you are going to need to do plenty of research. By learning one team, you will instinctively know what’s going to happen next, making winning even easier. As you get good, you can add another team to your list.

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Fade The Public

This unique strategy lets you bet against what the majority is going for. Most betting odds are picked based on what the public believes. If you think the public has a bias about a local team and you can bet against them, you could win big.

Have A Good Time

While you can participate in sports betting at home, why would you want to? Grab some of your closest buddies and head to McGills Casino, where you can grab a cold beer and eat from the Pint and Platters Pub. While you are enjoying the time filling yourself up with good food and relaxing among your friends, you can watch your favorite teams play live on our big screen. With the help of BetRivers Sportsbook, you can win big at the end.

Visit Triple Crown Casinos In Cripple Creek

Whether you want to bet on the next baseball game or football is your thing, you can enjoy all of the action at Triple Crown Casinos in Cripple Creek. We can’t wait to share our energetic atmosphere and good food with you while you enjoy the game and try some of our sports betting tips & strategies. When you are done watching the games, head out to the casino and try your luck at some of our popular table games or slots. Who knows – your luck may just continue for more winnings.

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